Monday, April 10, 2017

should you take that leap with hair color?

Why not?  Yes of course you should take that leap!  If your hair is a little too dark, get a subtle ombre done to lighten it up or some hi lites.  If its too light get a deeper tone color wash that will fade slowly in a few months or go more permanent with it.  Even some low lites work great.  Add more tones to your hair and bring that sparkle back to your skin tone :))

Sunday, April 9, 2017

How do you keep smiling on a bad hair day?

Keep smiling everyday ; even on a bad hair day!   If your hair is longer put it up in a pretty clip or barrette and if you know how to do braids that works to or any other tools to create a casual up do like the topsy tail tool, better known as the loop tool.
If your hair is short bring out the hair spray and funk it up a bit, or if on the greasy side put dry shampoo on your hair and work it in or use powder or cornstarch.  Always use sparingly a little at a time as you work it!  Even short hair can wear some hair clips :))