Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Head lice myth....

Tea tree oil is the best preventative method for lice.
Tea tree oil is not the most effective preventative, says Monica. Instead, spray your head and back of your neck with a peppermint oil-based product. Also, recommend longer-haired children keep their hair pulled back at school.

Another myth of getting rid of head lice...

Mayonnaise (or Coca-Cola/Listerine/kerosene/coconut oil and vinegar) can all help treat lice.
None of these methods kill 100 percent of the lice or nits (louse eggs). The only effective way to get rid of lice is to pick them out one by one with a metal head lice and nit comb (like the Nitorious B.U.G. Terminator Comb). 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

myths of getting rid of head lice.....

1: You need to wash and disinfect everything that has been touched at home.
Lice are primarily transferred via head-to-head contact, and they cannot live off the head for more than 24 hours. So there’s no need for to wash furniture or clothing, spray mattresses or throw away stuffed animals. 

  • Change their sheets
  • Put stuffed animals in a corner or a closet overnight.
More tips coming!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween Hair Ideas.............

zig zag  part with braids and little plastic bug rings you can get at the dollar store along the braids are great!  Just one of many, click here to see more