Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lets Talk Hair Sprays

Lets Talk Hair Sprays.  You want to be sure not to spray too close so you don't spray too much on your scalp and over load your hair.  Hair Sprays that go on wet tend to dampen your hair just enough to mess up your hair style.  Dry hair sprays are what you want to find, also you can get firm sprays but still workable while styling.  You don't have to have stiff hair to know its working.  If you wear the type of hair style that you do not want to move, than yes extra hold such as "Rock Hard" that I use on my clients will hold.  Even if you need just a little kick with out real stiff, a dry spray like Rock Hold but sprayed lightly will work also.  So be sure you know what kind of hold you are looking for and look for dry spray :)

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