Friday, April 20, 2012

Hair Color Knowledge

There are different ways of coloring your hair depending on what result you are looking for. There are color, rinses, color washes, temporary color, permanent color, color cocktail etc.  Color rinses wash out when you shampoo
 Color washes are very weak in developer strength so you can freshen up your color and will wash out within  a few weeks depending on how much you shampoo your hair, if you shampoo everyday you will get a week or so.
Semi Permanent Colors are designed to stay in your hair 4-6 weeks, again if you shampoo everyday or have gray hair to cover it will not last a full 4 weeks. Keeping in mind gray hair can be very resistant and a Semi Color may not even work for you
Permanent Color is a higher strength developer designed to open the hair shaft and soften the cuticle so the color molecules will be able to enter the hair strand.  Gray hair coverage is best with permanent hair color.  Sometimes you will get fading if your gray is resistant or you are out in the sun a lot.  But pretty much you will see hair growth when your roots show up and you know its time to color.  
Color  Cocktail  is a squirt of a bright color to kick it up notch! Just a kick, a burst of something rich whether its a red, plum, gold etc.

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